Monday, March 9, 2015

Freemasons funding 50% of London's air ambulance

London, UK, - As reported by International Business News, an enormous 50% of the funding for London's new air ambulance came from the United Grand Lodge of England.

A sum of £2m ($3.1m) has been offered to pay for a second helicopter in the capital's sky by the Freemasons.

As told by the reporter, London is the location of global Freemasonry's headquarters - the imposing Freemasons' Hall near Covent Garden, in the heart of the city. There are reportedly around 40,000 Freemasons in London.

The air ambulance is not part of the NHS and so relies upon charity donations to operate. The Freemasons were hailed by the chief executive of the charity which operates the helicopter service.

"We have now crossed the halfway mark for the Your London, Your Helicopter campaign, thank you to all those who have helped us get there," said Graham Hodgkin.

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