Monday, March 2, 2015

Tercentenary International Conference celebrating 300 years of Freemasonry

Organized by the members of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 (The premier Lodge of Research in the world) Tercentenary International Conference celebrating 300 years of Freemasonry will be held at Queens’ College, Cambridge, England, 9 September–11 September 2016.
June 2017 is an important landmark in the history of Freemasonry as it marks the three hundredth anniversary of the first meeting of the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster; the first Grand lodge in the world. To celebrate this important occasion the members of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 are hosting this conference at Queens’ College.

The lodge was founded by brethren who were intent on using an evidence-based approach to the study of masonic history and research into Freemasonry. This innovative approach was intended to replace the imaginative writings of earlier authors on the history of Freemasonry. This new style and approach was later to be referred to as the 'authentic school' of masonic research.
The conference is open to all Freemasons and non-Freemasons interested in masonic history.

The conference will have three eminent keynote speakers making a 40-minute presentation. A combination of short and medium presentations, lasting 10 and 20 minutes respectively, will be delivered at each of the five conference Sessions, which will be followed by a period for questions and discussion. Papers are invited on any aspect of the history and development of Freemasonry, in general, and Grand Lodge, in particular, over the three centuries since its foundation. Synopses, abstracts and papers should all be sent to

As announced in the magazine Freemasonry Today, the Secretary of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, Bro. Richard Gan, will be pleased to deal with any general queries regarding the conference. His contact is  Full details for delegates wishing to register and attend the conference will be made available early in 2016.

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